What is SuperGlue? SuperGlue is an integrations framework that provides secure, robust data exchange between systemwide products and the colleges that use them. A key objective is to integrate all Chancellor’s Office-sponsored technology initiatives and data pipelines without putting additional burden on local college IT departments. Be sure you’re set-up for real-time delivery of student application data and bidirectional data sharing. By allowing colleges and the system to share data back and forth via SuperGlue, when one college identifies a fraudulent enrollment, all colleges can be protected. 

As of July 1, 2022, any new CCCApply student application data will be delivered via SuperGlue only. The Download Client will still be able to deliver data, but any new data elements (including legislated/mandated data) added to the applications will not be added to the Download Client and will be available through SuperGlue only.

The good news is that switching from the Download Client to SuperGlue is easy and help is available from the CCC Technology Center for this transition. On average, this transition takes approximately 8 hours of local college effort to implement. For more information and implementation assistance, contact your College Relationship Manager at crms@ccctechcenter.org. Details are also available in the Student Success Suite Release Notes Changes to Data Fields & Delivery section.

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