The California Community Colleges have long provided millions of Californians a pathway to better pay and more opportunities. Online programs enable students to access their courses virtually anywhere, allowing them to maintain commitments to work and family. Resources such as Canvas Studio support students in their online academic journey. 

California Virtual College (CVC) recently announced that Canvas Studio (Online Video & Student Engagement Add-On for Canvas) will be fully funded for all California Community Colleges through June 30, 2023. This funding, provided by an investment from the Chancellor’s Office,  ensures online college programs will continue to grow higher education pathways by improving student engagement and success. 

The CVC will work directly with the vendor (Instructure) to process renewals for all existing deployments of Studio and ensure a smooth transition across fiscal years. Should a college/district be interested in implementing Studio for the first time, CVC will cover the one-time implementation costs.

For additional information or to learn about the next steps, reach out to

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