Revisiting Your Zoom Security Settings

After two years of non-stop Zoom meetings, it may be time for a refresher! In our system and nationwide, unfortunate situations have occurred in both classroom meetings and large events.

Advance Your Cybersecurity Knowledge with SANS modules in the Vision Resource Center

IT professionals have access to top cybersecurity training available in the Vision Resource Center (VRC), which hosts 40 learning modules from SANS Technology Institute, one of the most extensive cybersecurity programs in the United States and the only one focused on college cybersecurity.

Get Ready for SuperGlue

SuperGlue is an integrations framework that provides secure, robust data exchange between systemwide products and the colleges that use them. 

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Redefining the student experience

Digital Futures works to develop the digital tools that will support colleges and students now and into the future. The goal of this effort is to make systemwide student facing technologies and interventions feel cohesive, connected, and relevant.

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Professional Development


Two Powerful Tools to Humanize Your Online Course with Video

Who: California Virtual Campus
Topic: Two Powerful Tools to Humanize Your Online Course with Video
When: Wednesday, September 8, 2021

  • 10 a.m.
  • Online

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