CCC Apply Homepage Updates

The updated CCCApply site’s homepage expanded search functionality helps students find several campus options for prospective students to choose from depending on their educational goals.

Canvas Tips and Tricks

New Canvas integration tools can be enabled for instructors to better understand student behavior and facilitate data-driven decisions designed to improve student experiences.

CollegeBuys – System Technology Updates

CollegeBuys is continuing to expand with new contracts with SoftDocs and Ferrilli, a recently published procurement survey to help best meet colleges’ needs, and upcoming FY22-23 Workgroups focused on advancing systemwide priorities.

Professional Development

Equitable access to a robust catalog of professional development information, training, and collaboration opportunities for all California community college employees.

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Redefining the student experience

Digital Futures works to develop the digital tools that will support colleges and students now and into the future. The goal of this effort is to make systemwide student facing technologies and interventions feel cohesive, connected, and relevant.

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