The CCC Accessibility Center proactively assesses the California community college system’s web and information technology accessibility needs. It offers services, guidance, and technical assistance to help colleges in realizing an accessible technology environment.

At the recent Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Committee bi-monthly meeting held on April 21, 2022, accessibility needs and opportunities were at the forefront of discussions, as a comprehensive systemwide expansion to support both 504 and 508 compliance better was the focus. 

The following framework provides an overview of the Accessibility Center’s efforts to increase compliance with local audits and to expand support for sections 504 and 508:  a) accessibility procurement, b) digital content accessibility, and c) web accessibility. 

Previous recommendations included creating accessible electronic documents, remediating documents, web, video, and audio assets, providing accessibility procurement support, improving the communication of accessibility gaps to DSPS, and likely adding DSPS communication to the existing Accessibility Center SOW. 

To ensure compliance and increased accessibility, the tentative plan is to implement systemwide webinars on each topic, create a cohort-based approach for local audits during FY22-23, and set a goal to reach half of the colleges on the three issues during that period.

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