Did you know that the Course Exchange dashboard has a variety of real-time reports for Home College and Teaching College to gain insight into students’ enrollment patterns and student data? See below for a sampling of useful reports available to colleges.

  • Saved Searches and Saved Courses
    College faculty and administrators can access reports to see what courses their students are searching for and then saving to their accounts. This report is especially beneficial for identifying student needs and possible barriers to credential completion.
  • Top Searches
    Exchange data shows that student demand doesn’t always match inventory. Students are increasingly searching for STEM and international languages courses, but those courses often fill first. By accessing the Top Searches report, colleges can see what students are searching for across the system and when possible, add sections to their course schedules to boost enrollments.
  • Coming Soon: Lead Capture
    Students who are not currently enrolled at a Home College can search for classes and then apply to the Teaching College before enrolling in the course. The new Lead Capture Report, which will roll out in early 2023, allows colleges to see which courses potential students were interested in and track whether they actually enrolled in the course.

To learn more about the dashboard and reports or for training, email us at support@cvc.edu.

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