The Course Exchange helps students by leveraging the online schedule of the 115 credit-bearing colleges. This resource provides students with a listing of online courses that meet their schedule, leverages notation of Zero Textbook Cost and burden-free material programs, and simply supports flexibility. There are currently 29 Teaching Colleges where CCC students can search for, find, and enroll in online courses instantly. Six additional Teaching Colleges are currently in progress with implementation.

New Search Features

Data shows that most students use the keyword search function. For example, if a student searches for “physics” using the keyword functionality, only courses with the word “physics” in the title will display. Instead, by choosing “physics” within Search by Subject, the student is guaranteed all associated courses will display regardless of the title.

Based on feedback from counselors and chief instructional officers, students can now search for courses on the Course Exchange by C-ID, which is especially useful for students looking to fulfill program and degree requirements. To search by C-ID, students must select the Home College Course Name radio button and then C-ID in the search bar.

Streamlined Badging

Course listings in Course Finder and Exchange may include quality badges, which indicate the presence of embedded student supports such as online tutoring, counseling, and/or online student readiness modules.

Colleges that are part of the CVC-OEI Consortium are badged, as are courses that have been reviewed for outstanding quality.

To better serve students, the number of badges are now streamlined. Student testing conducted by the Foundation for California Community Colleges Student Centered Design Lab revealed that most students need to factor in the current set of badges when cross-enrolling into a course. 

Currently, there are six badges:

  • Consortium College
  • Quality Reviewed
  • Online Tutoring
  • Online Counseling
  • Online Student Readiness
  • Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC)

In response to this feedback, the number of badges is being streamlined to include:

  • Quality Reviewed
  • Online Tutoring
  • Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC)

Additional information can be found at or by emailing

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