When prospective students start their enrollment journeys at the California Community Colleges, that journey often includes visiting the CCCApply informational website, which directs students to the system’s admission application, known as CCCApply. 

Previously, the CCCApply website’s homepage search functionality was limited: prospective students could search by community college name only. But, that structure presumes that all prospective students have identified a college of interest and know the name of that college. In reality, many prospective students have not yet identified a college of interest, rendering the search functionality itself a barrier to their finding this information.  

The updated CCCApply site’s homepage expanded search functionality now includes the ability for prospective students to search by three parameters: city name, zip code, or college name. Search results display a list of community colleges within a 40-mile radius, illustrating that typically there are several colleges for prospective students to choose from depending on their educational goals.

In addition to the expanded search functionality, the homepage’s headline copy has been updated for brand consistency with the ICanGoToCollege.com website. The homepage of the ICanGoToCollege.com website empowers students by letting them know that “I Can Create My Future.” Now, the CCCApply homepage encourages students to take that next step and “Create Your Future” by filling out an application.

CCCApply is supported by the Core Applications and Shared Infrastructure Program grants awarded to Butte-Glenn Community College District under RFA 18-081-101, RFA 18-081-102, and RFA 18-084 to provide development support for the student-centric applications within the California Community Colleges and technical assistance to evaluate, plan and continuously improve related deployments. For any other questions or concerns related to CCCApply, please go to ccchelp.info.

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