Using Data to Improve Course Management

Data can be a useful tool for faculty and staff to support student success, but it’s not always accessible and easy to integrate into current course management. Now, a new Canvas integration tool – New Analytics – can be enabled for instructors to better understand student behavior and facilitate data-driven decisions designed to improve student experiences. The tool allows instructors to view and monitor participation, attendance, and performance with interactive chart graphs or data tables.

Monitoring Participation and Attendance:

  • Average weekly online participation for the course, for individuals or groups

  • Average weekly online participation in a course

  • View a report that displays if students have met online attendance criteria that has been selected by an admin. (May require additional technical configuration at the local level)

  • Send a message to an individual student or all students based on specific course grade or participation criteria

Monitoring Performance:

  • View course grade and participation analytics for an individual student

  • View and download reports on missing, late, or excused assignments, class roster, and course activity

  • Average course grades

  • Course average with an individual assignment, course section, or student filter

For more details, go to What is New Analytics? and consider sharing this tutorial, New Analytics Overview (for Instructors).

Be Heard Using Canvas Feature Previews

The CVC team leans on Feature Previews to support new functionality and gather user input to make improvements before full deployment. Your college can influence the final outcome by participating in this process. Learn more about Feature Previews and how to enable them by reading this Canvas Feature Option Summary.

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