As we begin a new academic year, it’s a good time to revisit and remind ourselves on how to make sure our Zoom meetings are as safe and secure as possible. In the past, unfortunate situations have occurred in both classroom meetings and large events. Disruptive participants have changed their name and profile pictures to offensive representations and interrupted in various ways, causing interferences that derail presentations, offend guests, and require the host to take quick action to remove the individuals from the meeting. 

CCC TechConnect Senior Media Help Desk Specialist Donna Gustafson offers important tips on how to keep Zoom meetings safe.

Those tips include:

  • Establishing default settings that apply to all meetings
  • Setting a meeting password
  • Enabling the waiting room
  • Generating a new meeting ID for each meeting
  • Utilizing the security icon in the Zoom meeting toolbar to set security measures during a meeting that has already begun 

“If the meeting host is not knowledgeable about the appropriate account settings they should have in place, or aren’t familiar with steps to mitigate the intruder, they can put themselves and their participants in a vulnerable position,” says Gustafson.

It’s important to learn about these best practice protocols to ensure that your meeting is a safe and productive space for all attendees. CCC TechConnect and Zoom continue to make security a priority. Visit the TechConnect support site article for recommendations, or you can also refer to Zoom help.

If you find yourself a victim of abuse in your meeting, please report inappropriate behavior to Zoom Trust and Safety

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