The Chancellor’s Office remains committed to supporting local colleges and districts around accessibility for students and other community members. The CCC Accessibility Center has developed the Accessibility Community, an informal setting for college and district personnel to network and share ideas, information and practices for advancing campus accessibility and inclusion systemwide. In September 2022, the Community had its first meeting including individuals from across the system, in roles spanning faculty, disability services, information technology, instructional design, administration, web and marketing. 

Going forward, the community hopes to meet quarterly, with its next meeting expected to take place in February. For more information and to be added to a mailing list, please send a request to

The CCC Accessibility Center is supported by the Shared Infrastructure Program grant awarded to Butte-Glenn Community College District under RFA 18-084 to provide technical expertise, policy guidance and tools to support colleges and districts in building an accessible technology environment. Visit the CCC Accessibility Center website to learn more.

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