The Vision Resource Center is growing its number of users and professional development resources for faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees in California’s community colleges. Currently, the portal has more than 22,000 registered users who are utilizing learning modules, resources, and tools that support efforts to achieve the goals and commitments in the Vision for Success.

Colleges have the opportunity to fully integrate with the system through the Cornerstone OnDemand platform, giving them the ability to make local and statewide connections.

“At Pierce College, we are working to grow a culture of lifelong learning for all employees,” stated Shannon Krajewski, College Professional Development Coordinator at Pierce College’s Center for Professional Excellence. “Implementing the Vision Resource Center locally at our college and throughout our district will allow us to have a shared platform for all employees to access, track, and share professional learning in powerful ways that don’t exist right now. It’s going to be transformative.”

In the last three months, the Vision Resource Center has added new learning modules to support colleges in their efforts to help students reach their fullest potential. Its latest release is Corequisite Support in California’s Community Colleges. This module focuses on improving developmental education to align with AB 705, providing an overview of the law and the data that led to changes in placement rules.

In February, the Vision Resource Center introduced Improving Equity in Campus Hiring, covering the benefits, ongoing need, and practical application of improving equitable hiring at the California Community Colleges. Topics covered include legislative and ethical mandates as well as promising practices for improving diversity from recruitment to retention.

Responding to feedback to improve the learning experience, the Vision Resource Center has also redesigned and re-released Pursuing the Vision for Success and An Introduction to Guided Pathways modules.

Visit to create an account, browse learning opportunities, and connect with your colleagues today. If your college is interested in full integration, please contact the Vision Resource Center support team at

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