Implementation of a systemwide, cloud-based Library Services Platform (LSP) is on schedule for release by January 2020 at 110 California community colleges. The LSP will replace a variety of disparate library systems and more effectively connect all students to the most useful, high quality resources in library collections.

The systemwide LSP consists of Ex Libris’ Alma and Primo tools, and the software’s modern architecture and design supports enhanced discovery, integrated workflow, improved maintenance, robust analytics and an improved user experience. All 110 participating colleges have test environments in which staff have begun testing and configuring LSP tools. Two-day workshops were held for participating colleges throughout September in Fresno, Riverside, Sacramento, San Diego, and San Mateo, and participating colleges have also received a “Go-Live Readiness Checklist” in preparation for the launch.

Members of the project team and the LSP Governance Committee are actively working with the vendor to provide colleges with the least disruptive and most effective implementation process, to include hiring a Network Zone administrator in fall 2019 to manage the shared Network Zone’s operation. Integration work is now primarily focused on authentication and interaction with student information systems. Additionally, LSP faculty workgroups are researching and developing recommendations for best practices.

The LSP requires some form of campus authentication be in place. At least 71 campuses are integrating the CCC Federated Gateway for the LSP, a process being stewarded by the CCC Technology Center. The Federated Gateway is a single sign-on authentication service designed to provide colleges with a single connection point to all CCC products beyond the LSP. Alternative authentication solutions include SAML (e.g., Shibboleth), LDAP, and CAS.

The LSP is a project of the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office and the CCC Technology Center, in close partnership with the Council of Chief Librarians for the California Community Colleges.

For more information about the LSP project, visit the CCC Technology Center website.

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