New Student Account System Goes Live this Fall

The final pilot phase for the new student account system will be deployed in November. During this time, the new student account system will link to other products in the Student Success Suite (SSS): CCCApply’s Standard, International, and California College Promise Grant student applications, as well as the CCC MyPath’s student onboarding system. With this integration, colleges will be able to test the entire student workflow, from account creation to college application and student onboarding.

Colleges can get detailed instructions on how students will use the new student account system in the “How to” section of the Student Success Suite Home page. These how-to guides give step-by-step instructions with screenshots on all the new student account workflows. Colleges can use these instructions as a template for updating their own student-facing documentation on creating and recovering a student account.

Additional information, in-depth analysis, and an explanation of the changes across all the Student Success Suite products are available in the Student Success Suite 1.0 Release Notes.

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