Streamlined and enhanced student account creation is the focus of the pilot release of the California Community Colleges Technology Center’s Student Success Suite.

Student Success Suite applications include OpenCCC (student accounts), CCCApply (student applications) and CCC MyPath (student onboarding). These integrated applications work together to facilitate an improved student application and admissions experience.

Student account creation through OpenCCC has undergone a major overhaul to remove obstacles to account creation and modernize and enhance student account security.

Among the changes are that a Social Security number (SSN) is no longer required of students when creating their account. Instead, students will be prompted for their SSN only during the college application process. Students without an SSN are still able to bypass this prompt. The student’s previous/other name has also been transitioned to the college application.

Account security in OpenCCC has also been revised to eliminate the multiple security questions students were prompted to create and remember. And with new multi-factor security mechanisms, student account verification and account recovery will be managed via email or mobile phone texts.

Because the OpenCCC changes will also impact workflows in CCCApply and CCC MyPath, all three of these products within the Student Success Suite will be updated concurrently. New versions of CCCApply and CCC MyPath will include updated and refactored integrations with OpenCCC to ensure a more seamless transition from student account creation to student onboarding.

Accessibility has been a touchstone for design decisions at each step in the development process. And all three products will include a style refresh to visually align with other California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office technology applications. 

“We want to make this first step as easy as possible, and encourage students onward to enrollment in a program that advances their educational and career goals,” said Jane Linder, Student Success Suite Product Manager at the CCC Technology Center. 

For more detailed information on the upcoming Student Success Suite release, see the release notes on the CCCApply Public Documentation website.

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