CCC Accessibility Center

As of August, the High Tech Center Training Unit (HTCTU) initiative will join with the CCC Accessibility Center to continue trainings and workshops in the areas of assistive technology and creation of alternate formats in support of students with disabilities. In concert with other systemwide initiatives, the CCC Accessibility Center will broaden its scope to support DSPS faculty and staff working with students with disabilities and to communicate effective practices for building accessible technology solutions campus-wide.


CCC Confer has transitioned to ConferZoom, a new web-based conferencing tool by Zoom for online meetings and classes. ConferZoom easily integrates with Canvas, making it simple for students to connect with their instructors for classes and office hours. Connections support all operating systems and browsers, including iOS and Android mobile devices.

MyPath and Enrollment

MyPath is a student onboarding tool that designed to help students navigate through their educational journey by providing students with an individually tailored and structured pathway that includes career and program exploration, goal-setting, and just-in-time and follow-up messaging. Colleges adopting MyPath to support their Guided Pathways initiatives have found that the tool can help solve the pervasive problem of enrollment attrition.

OEI Partners with CSU Online

This summer, the Online Education Initiative (OEI) partnered with CSU Online to launch an online course finder called ‘Finish Faster!’ that provides students with access to more than 10,000 online, transferable classes. The new course finder gives CSU students the flexibility to complete lower-division general education requirements during the summer through online coursework offered at a California Community College or CSU campus.

CCCApply Redesign

The Chancellor’s Office, the CCC Technology Center, and the Foundation for California Community Colleges, in collaboration with the community colleges and in partnership with ideas42, are redesigning the CCCApply experience with a student-centered approach in mind.