As part of ongoing efforts by the Chancellor’s Office to streamline the student onboarding process, the CCCApply Standard, Noncredit, International and California College Promise Grant applications are getting a mobile-friendly design. Releasing this month as part of the fall CCCApply update, the application updates will address students’ desire for mobile responsive community college websites and forms.

Increasingly more individuals, including prospective and current California community college students, are primarily or exclusively dependent on smartphones for their internet access. According to Google Analytics, 31.5 percent of CCCApply applicants currently submit their applications on a smartphone or tablet despite CCCApply not previously being optimized for mobile. By making CCCApply mobile-friendly, it can serve a significantly larger share of students.

“Today more students are foregoing home broadband service in favor of their mobile phones. Over the past year, our goal has been to streamline the student onboarding experience, from applying for admission, to seeking a fee waiver, to interacting with potential colleges before and during the matriculation process,” said Patty Donohue, OpenCCCApply Product Manager. “Mobile support will allow us to reach a growing segment of our target audience.”

Roughly one in five American adults today are “smartphone only” internet users and do not have traditional home broadband service, according to the Pew Research Center. The trend is more pronounced in some demographic segments. A 2019 Pew study of U.S. internet usage found that younger adults, people of color, and lower-income households are generally more likely to be dependent on smartphones for internet access. 

In support of the Vision for Success, the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office continues to seek and develop product enhancements that enable colleges to realize gains in equity and student success. Interested in learning more about what’s coming next for CCCApply? Visit the CCCApply Public Documentation space now.

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