The California Community Colleges, California State University (CSU) and the University of California (UC) systems have launched the first phase of a newly modernized and re-envisioned ASSIST is the official source of information about courses that transfer from a California community college to a CSU or UC. Nearly 200,000 people visited the website in June, the first month of release; 25% of those users did so from a mobile device.

The updated platform represents a leap forward to modernize the ASSIST system and allow for iterative updates moving forward. The first release phase, considered a minimally viable product, includes transferability lists and previous years’ articulation agreements. Subsequent phases will include additional public website functionality as well as additional features, like comparing courses by majors, articulation agreements through the current year, and a redesigned explore majors.

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ASSIST can help students plan and stay on track to transfer and complete a degree at a CSU or UC. College counselors and transfer centers can share information about ASSIST with a communications toolkit. Tutorials are also available to provide an overview of the features that support the student transfer process.    

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