February 21, 2019

Screenshot of the Spirion dashboard

College IT networks handle enormous amounts of sensitive data every day in many forms, including structured (i.e., student information systems database records) or unstructured (i.e., emails, text messages, and video conferencing). For campus information security programs to be effective, it is essential to accurately locate and identify all sensitive data to then secure the information at its source, respond to security threats before a breach occurs, and demonstrate regulatory compliance.

We Can Help

The California Community Colleges Information Security Center offers a data inventory and monitoring solution in the form of Spirion data security software. Through a systemwide license, Spirion is available to all colleges free of charge.

Spirion helps colleges:

  • Identify and inventory data stored anywhere, in any format, and apply appropriate levels of security
  • Rein in data sprawl to minimize data leakage
  • Demonstrate compliance with GLBA, FERPA, and state information security standards
  • More readily detect and respond to security threats

Visit CCCSecurityCenter.org/Services/Spirion now to view an online demo, and request the Spirion solution for your college or district.

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