The Vision Resource Center houses over 12,000 learning modules from providers like LinkedIn Learning (now offering Lynda content) and Skillsoft. Did you know there are also modules created by the California Community Colleges? These modules support systemwide awareness and understanding of key topics relevant to the work of the colleges, and to collective efforts toward the Vision for Success goals.

The most recent modules from the California Community Colleges include:

  • Guided Pathways Field Notes:
    • A collection of activities and discussion starters that promote innovative thinking, collaboration and community connection to help college professionals better understand Guided Pathways implementation across the system.
  • Student Centered Funding Formula:
    • ​Introduces the basics of the new Student Centered Funding Formula and explores how this change helps align the system’s funding with its broader mission.
  • Instruction in Prisons:
    • A series of three modules that introduces instructors to the unique opportunities of teaching in jails and prisons, including what you need to know about prisons, students in prison, and instruction in prisons.
  • Supporting Undocumented Students:
    • An overview of who undocumented students in our system are, promising practices for supporting them, and a robust set of resources for undocumented students and allies to make use of.
  • Trauma Informed Care:
    • Provides an overview of how trauma affects many of our students, and information for how professionals can help develop college and classroom environments that support those impacted by trauma.

All system professionals can access these modules. Log into the Vision Resource Center today. Additionally, the Vision Resource Center will host Integration Webinars to help explain the benefits and process of full integration. Upcoming webinars are:

Visit the Vision Resource Center to learn more about full integration, and register for the webinar to bring the full capabilities of the system’s learning and collaboration platform to your campus.

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