Most California community college districts (82 colleges from 52 districts) have taken advantage of the opportunity to integrate at no cost with the Vision Resource Center, the online learning and collaboration platform for all professionals in the system.

Time is running out for districts that have not. After December 2021, colleges/districts that wish to integrate will have to do so at their own expense, which could cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars.

Employees from every college in the system are already using the Vision Resource Center, but there are many additional benefits for integrated colleges. The time and resources colleges invest today will save time and resources in the future. This brief testimonial from Sierra College discusses the benefits of integration that their college has experienced.

The technical work involved in integration includes first setting up single-sign-on access and then establishing a data feed of your district’s employees. The Data Feed Integration Guide provides a full scope of the work involved. Depending on how clean your HRIS data is, the work takes anywhere from 30 to 40 hours and is what needs to be completed prior to the December deadline. 

Once this technical work is complete, designated college system administrators will have access to training and support materials that will teach them at their own pace how to use the additional features of Cornerstone to support professional development and training. The Vision Resource Center provides ongoing live training opportunities to address questions. 

The Vision Resource Center team is eager to assist you in the integration process and would like to see every college and district take advantage of integrating at no cost. Please contact the team at or if you are ready, submit an Integration Readiness Form.

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