The California Virtual Campus–Online Education Initiative (CVC-OEI) continues to expand course cross-enrollment functionality for students through the CVC Exchange. Technical deployment is now complete at six colleges:

CVC-OEI is on track to have at least 11 additional colleges fully configured and active with Exchange cross-enrollment by June 2020, with a goal of systemwide implementation by June 2023.

How CVC Exchange and Finish Faster Online drive cross-enrollment

Cross-enrollment is the highest level of automation between any two community colleges’ Student Information Systems (SIS).

CVC Exchange’s cross-enrollment functionality allows a student at a home college to enroll in an online course at a teaching college without needing to fill out a separate application. Once enrolled, all courses are combined in the student’s Canvas dashboard.

The combined units are shared between the campuses to meet financial aid eligibility requirements and to automatically apply Promise Grants. Units earned through the CVC Exchange automatically transfer back to the student’s home college after they complete the online course.

Finish Faster Online is an online course finder that is foundational to the Exchange’s cross-enrollment functionality. It enables students from colleges that actively offer cross-enrollment to search for online courses, enroll instantly without submitting an additional application and use financial aid.

Students that do not attend one of the six colleges noted above may also use Finish Faster Online to search more than 10,000 online course sections by keyword, general education area or course equivalency for transfer at more than 70 California community colleges. Many of these colleges are now configured to provide real-time seat availability, with the goal of more than 50 colleges providing real-time seat counts by December 2020.

CVC-OEI is a comprehensive and collaborative program that leverages effective practices and technology to significantly increase students’ opportunities for higher education degree attainment in California. Learn more about its work on the CVC-OEI website.

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