Over the last several months, the Chancellor’s Office Digital Innovation and Infrastructure Division (DII) has been working with fiscal agents and grantees to review the technology tools and services developed by and for the California Community Colleges. The DII Technical Assistance Provider (DII TAP) team is developing, implementing and supporting a set of consistent, centralized standards across the Educational Technology portfolio in:

  • Project Portfolio Management (PPM) 
  • Enterprise Architecture (EA)
  • Information Security (IS)
  • Data Management and Governance.

This evolution will facilitate the portfolio projects’ ability to support colleges’ efforts to increase student completion and close equity gaps in line with the Vision for Success. The DII TAP team will bring greater clarity and transparency to stakeholders through expanded communication, and it is implementing a standard set of documents (i.e., a charter, a work plan, a traceability matrix and a budget) across the Ed Tech portfolio, which includes:

  1. California Community Colleges Core Applications Project (Core Apps)
    • Includes student onboarding tools (CCCApply, MyPath, etc.) and student transfer tools (Chancellor’s Office Curriculum Inventory (COCI), eTranscripts, etc.))
  2. California Virtual Campus-Online Education Initiative (CVC-OEI)
    • Seeks to reduce technical barriers for students at one college to take an online course at another (Course Exchange) and improve the quality of online education
  3. Data Services Program (DSP)
    • Providing a shared, secure data repository for use throughout the Ed Tech portfolio
  4. Data Science Tools (DST)
    • Includes data dashboards used for system and program accountability (LaunchBoard, Student Success Metrics, etc.)
  5. Shared Infrastructure Program (SIP)
    • Providing accessibility and information security services to colleges and operational infrastructure like high-speed internet (CENIC)
  6. Digital Innovation and Infrastructure Technical Assistance Providers (DII TAP)
    • Includes system-level centralized support services for Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Enterprise Architecture (EA), Information Security (IS), and Data Management and Governance to Ed Tech portfolio stakeholders

Learn more about the DII Division by visiting the Chancellor’s Office website.

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