In alignment with AB 3101, CCCApply is in the process of being streamlined and redesigned to transform the student user experience through student centered design and best practices. The goal is to simplify the system’s online college application, making it more straightforward for applicants while ensuring that all necessary data are collected. 

More than 2 million potential students apply to the California community colleges through CCCApply annually. The statewide online admission application suite was first introduced in 2001, and it has gone through continual development and several significant redesigns. 

CCCApply Work Group Making Quarterly Releases

In June 2018, a CCCApply work group was launched, which is overseen by the Chancellor’s Office and supported by the CCCApply Advisory Committee, ideas42, and the Foundation for California Community Colleges. The CCCApply work group is adhering to a quarterly release schedule with user acceptance testing and the incorporation of continuous feedback from statewide stakeholders and advisory committees. 

Each quarterly release has featured changes to simplify and shorten the CCCApply user interface, to include a Q2 user interface alignment with MyPath. The work group’s recent work has been focused on implementing a residency-free workflow path in the standard application for noncredit students.

The CCCApply 6.4.0 production release took place on March 16, 2019, and all 6.4.0 changes are now available in production for all users – with the exception of the new noncredit application. The new noncredit application for U.S. students is now in an extended college pilot with 8 districts. 

The 6.4.0 release included:

  • Noncredit application path:
    • Noncredit status flag and URL
    • Logic for auto-population and more
    • Removal of the Citizenship and Military page, Residency page, and questions from the Needs and Interests page
  • CCCApply user interface enhancements:
    • Revisions to both the Education and Residency pages
  • Maintenance and support:
    • Add new data fields to the Administrator, Report Center, and Download Client
    • Bug fixes to the Standard and International applications

Pilot Colleges Recommending Enhancements

The noncredit application is undergoing enhancements identified by the pilot colleges, with formal production launch scheduled for the 6.5.0 release. No separate or additional administrative setup will be required. Colleges will use their existing download process for the noncredit version of the standard application, and all existing standard application modules apply to the noncredit application.

The final quarterly release of FY18-19 will take place on June 28. It will feature the noncredit application production release to all colleges, to include:

  • Providing college-branded applications to the colleges
  • Providing MIS code-specific URLs for all colleges for pilot and production
  • Enhancing the “intended major/program of study” feature for noncredit programs
  • Implementing the ability for noncredit programs to display different supplemental questions
  • Updating the application title on the welcome page

For more information, please contact CCCApply Product Manager, Patty Donohue, at

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