Receiving, collecting and maintaining student data at the California Community Colleges can be a challenge. Connecting that data in real time to the college personnel who support and advise students is a need that colleges may not be able to achieve with local resources only. 

To help colleges connect relevant student data to personnel, the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (Chancellor’s Office) has funded the CCC SuperGlue project. SuperGlue provides a secure, robust framework for data exchange between the Chancellor’s Office’s systemwide data and technology tools and other software applications and information systems that colleges use to benefit and support their students. The SuperGlue College Adapter is installed locally behind a college’s firewall to facilitate data exchange between CCC Technology Center products and the Student Information System (SIS) used by a college.  

The SuperGlue integrations service is available to all California community colleges free of charge, and it is designed to work with all common SIS. Full support for implementation, integration and deployment is provided by the CCC Technology Center’s Enabling Services team.

“With SuperGlue, we’ve sped up the ability to send data, consume applications, and make onboarding processes more efficient and effective for students,” said Don Webb, Director of Systems and Planning at Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC). The college serves more than 30,000 students in Northern California.

Webb has been an advocate for bringing SuperGlue to SRJC, where it is currently used to deliver data from the CCCApply standard and international college applications, and to provide AB 705 placement recommendations generated as part of the Multiple Measures Platform Service. Ensuring that data can be collected from various statewide applications and integrated directly into the SRJC SIS was paramount to Webb’s SuperGlue adoption.

“Many third-party vendors make promises about data availability but don’t always deliver,” Webb said. “We are required to collect certain data that we rely on from the state and from various systems that we use locally, and SuperGlue is the best way to get that data.”

SRJC uses a homegrown SIS. But with the flexibility built into the college adapter and assistance from the CCC Technology Center’s implementation team, Webb and his team were able to adopt the SuperGlue framework and use it to successfully pass data to their unique SIS.

“The bottom line is that access to real time data helps us serve students better,” Webb said. 

To learn more about SuperGlue, or if your college is ready to adopt, email the CCC Technology Center, and a college relationship manager will contact you.

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