MyPath is a powerful student onboarding system that uses a task-based interface and notification system to keep students engaged with the college from application to enrollment and helps guide students along their educational pathway.

A variety of upcoming pilot and production releases will support the integration of student status data from local college student information systems (SIS) into the MyPath student experience. Coming this summer, MyPath will integrate with local student information systems (SIS) using the SuperGlue College Adaptor as a bridge, enabling real-time student status updates between the two. 

This new feature will deliver an even more seamless, customized onboarding experience for incoming students, and colleges will be able to drive behavior and messaging within MyPath based on admissions and education plan statuses stored within the college’s SIS. Additionally, MyPath will be able to send data to the college SIS related to orientation status, allowing the two systems to stay synchronized and drive the custom pathway experience for incoming students.

“This level of information exchange in order to improve the student experience has long been the promise of MyPath,” said Jane Linder, MyPath product manager.

The MyPath team worked closely with a group of colleges to develop the feature and deliver a first version of the integration, which will be available on request once the feature is released. 

“These are things colleges have been asking for since the early days of the Education Planning Initiative,” said Mike Caruso, MyPath product owner. “We just didn’t have a good way to address them until the past year when we started working together with the SuperGlue team to provide that integration between MyPath and the student information system.”

Colleges interested in adopting the solution should contact their Enabling Services College Relationship Manager directly, or email the CCC Tech Center’s College Relationship Managers. The feature requires the SuperGlue adaptor to be installed behind the college firewall, which may require three to four weeks of work performed by the Enabling Services team to minimize impact to the college’s processes.

Next, the MyPath development team will be working on using the college adaptor to update student registration statuses and account holds. Canvas integration is also being researched, and the development team is looking for input and participation from colleges.

Visit the CCC Tech Center’s website to learn more about MyPath.

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