August 23, 2018

The CCC Information Security Center proactively assesses the information security needs of the community colleges and offers services to campuses designed to maintain the integrity of information systems.

Working directly with the California community colleges technology community to understand security priorities, the Security Center develops appropriate services, conducts security assessments for the colleges, provides training through bi-annual workshops, and oversees security practices at the CCC Technology Center and Systemwide Technology Initiatives.

Together with the Information Security Advisory Committee and the Chancellor’s Office, the Security Center developed the CCC Information Security Policy as a foundation for campus information security initiatives.

“We are working to improve the security of the community college system as a whole,” explained Jeff Holden, the Technology Center’s Chief Information Security Officer. “We have sample template policies, procedures, and a security standard that can help kick start a college’s information security program.

“We also offer user-awareness training for all faculty and staff to make them aware of the security challenges they can help prevent, such as phishing and malware attacks,” Holden continued.

Other security services that colleges can take advantage of include vulnerability assessment scanning and management services; SSL certificates; central logging; an information security mailing list; and more.

To learn more, visit the Security Center website.

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