Colleges and districts use GIS to answer questions important to the mission of campuses statewide, including questions about regional demographics and population growth, election histories and bond election planning, enrollment forecasting, enrollment patterns of neighboring districts, workforce development, facilities planning and maintenance, and more. In August 2022, the GIS maps here were updated. This information is important to research, planning and effectiveness staff, as well as a variety of other faculty and staff. The GIS Map Viewer provides a common repository for the various maps, documents, links, and other tools we are collecting in our ongoing work at the California Community Colleges.

Maps of all 72 districts, 115 physical campuses, and approved centers are available on the CCC GIS Map Viewer interactive feature and are updated monthly for accuracy.

Some GIS Mapping highlights include:

  • Over 30 colleges use the Foundation’s purchasing program for CCC GIS software.
  • Over 4,000 campus buildings are mapped and available about 75 percent of all the campus buildings in the state

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