February 21, 2019

To support access for students with print-based disabilities, colleges have the responsibility to convert inaccessible instructional materials into alternate formats, such as braille, electronic text, large print, and others. Conversion and recreation processes can create delays whereby students do not have access to their instructional materials, potentially impacting their course participation. AIMHub is an online resource intended to reduce or eliminate these delays and improve the educational experience for students with disabilities. 

A collaboration between the California State University and California Community Colleges systems, AIMHub provides a unified, web-based system to assist campus Disability Services staff in locating and obtaining instructional materials in alternate formats for students with print-based disabilities.

AMXDB Integration

AMXDB, a resource used by many California Community Colleges for alternate format materials, has been merged into AIMHub. AMXDB has been retired, and all records were imported into AIMHub and set to private. Previous AMXDB users can choose to participate in exchanging accessible media with the rest of the community by registering with AIMHub and changing their holdings to public.

Register and participate in AIMHub today at aimhub.org.

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