Need answers to web and IT accessibility questions? Visit the online Accessibility Center Help Desk, operated by the California Community Colleges Accessibility Center.

The Accessibility Center Help Desk offers all CCC faculty, staff, and administrators the opportunity to ask questions and review answers regarding web and IT accessibility. Backed by a team of accessibility subject matter experts, the Help Desk offers a search-based interface to find answers or post new questions, such as:

  • When can using a text description for images be avoided?
  • What steps should be followed to include captions for YouTube videos?
  • How can MS Word document accessibility be checked?
  • Is there appropriate color contrast on web pages?
  • How can website carousels or slideshows be made accessible?

The Accessibility Center Help Desk is also available to provide accessibility evaluations for up to five web pages or website templates.

Want to ask a question privately? Just check the box marked “post this conversation privately” when posting a new question. That will result in a private exchange between you and help desk staff for your question and any follow-up responses.

Visit the Accessibility Center Help Desk now to learn more!

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