The CCCID, is a unique systemwide student identifier established for California Community College students in 2012. All students receive a CCCID upon creation of an OpenCCC account and it is included in the CCCApply student application dataset. While the CCCID provides students with a secure, single sign-on to various cloud-based applications, it is also an effective tool for colleges, districts, and the Chancellor’s Office to track students’ non-linear journeys which often span multiple colleges.  Unique student identifiers are considered ‘good practice’ nationally, and in fact, the California State University (CSU) System recently rolled out their own.

Failure to use the CCCID adds an unnecessary burden to CCC students navigating multiple technology platforms, opportunities to maximize enrollment (via the CVC Course Exchange) and also undermines local and system-level evaluation and reporting efforts. Colleges and districts not using CCCID will also limit the system’s full participation in the Cradle-to-Career Data System. To ensure the CCC system is maximizing state and local data infrastructure investments, starting in fall 2023, the use of the CCCID will be required.  

The Chancellor’s Office, in collaboration with the California Community Colleges Technology Center (Tech Center) and other partners, is working to understand the delay in systemic adoption of the CCCID, and will consider making resources available to colleges that lack the capacity to comply with the forthcoming requirement in a timely manner. Colleges should contact to obtain assistance on the implementation of CCCID.

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