Meeting Materials

Student Success Metrics Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2018

White Paper 1: Framework for Developing Integrated Metrics

National and Community College Metrics

March 12, 2018

White Paper 2: Aligning Metrics to Student Journeys

Adult Ed/ESL Students
Alonso: recent immigrant working to build English language skills

Short-term Career Education Students
Darrin: full-time working parent seeking a career certificate
Marcos: working parent updating skills for a current job

Degree/Transfer Students
Sarah: first-generation single parent seeking an associate's degree but undecided on major
Ramiro: veteran seeking an associate's degree in nursing
Yvette: part-time student seeking a bachelor's degree in biology
Tara: recent high school graduate seeking a bachelor's degree but undecided on major or university

April 23, 2018

White Paper 3: Proposed Framework for Measuring Student Outcomes