Ramiro Barnes

Ramiro is a returning veteran who wants to pursue a career in health. He has a full-time job, medic experience from the military, and wants a flexible schedule.

  • Primary Goal: Pursue a health-related career and apply skills he learned in the military towards course credit.
  • Main Challenges: Doesn’t have a clear source of information about where to start his college journey.
  • Occupation: Customer Support
  • Age: 24

I planned to get my degree when I left the military, but I don’t know where to start.

Ramiro came back to the States from active duty a year ago. It took a few months for him to get re-acclimated, but he finally got a job as a security guard working the graveyard shift. He was also able to get an apartment rooming with a friend. Ramiro knew all about the GI Bill Educational Assistance Program, but he didn’t know how to get started. He was a medic in the military and wanted to continue with that line of work.

Ramiro heard a commercial on the radio from a service that connects students to financial aid resources and decided to connect to the website. The site was informative about paying for college and even had some special videos and content for veterans. But after poking around for a bit, Ramiro couldn’t figure out how to actually become a student, so he got distracted and gave up on the idea.