Marcos Taylor

Marcos has a family and works 50 hours a week. Technology in his field has been changing rapidly, and he fears losing his job if he can’t up.

  • Primary Goal: Learn the skills to keep up with new technology at his job.
  • Main Challenges: Can only take classes at night and needs financial aid.
  • Occupation: Manufacturing
  • Age: 42

I'm worried that without more training in my industry I won't be able to keep my job.

Marcos had driven by the local bus stop bench a number of times and seen an ad for the local community college that promoted “Oceans of Opportunities.” Marcos thought about the ad often but didn’t have time to learn more. One day, Marcos learned from one of his young co-workers about the program he had completed at the local community college, where he had learned how to work with the latest tools and automated equipment.

One night, after his family had gone to bed, Marcos visited the local college’s website to find more information about the program he had heard about. He found the program page, which included details about the certificate program, the courses, and contact information.

Over the next few days, Marcos made a number of efforts to get in touch with the program coordinator at the college. At first there was no response, but he eventually got a phone message, called back, and was able to talk to the program coordinator.

The faculty coordinator told Marcos that the program took two semesters and also mentioned that Marcos had missed the registration deadline for the spring semester and would have to wait until fall semester. If he could get all the paperwork done in time, he could register for fall sometime in June.

Marcos realized that by the time he finished the program, it would be another 15 months. He wasn’t sure if he could hang on to his job that long!