Student Journey Mapping

Student Journey Maps

Designing with the student in mind

Developing system level capacity to design student-centered technology tools is a vital part of transforming the student experience. Although student-facing technology platforms are used throughout the community college system, most of these tools prioritize institutional needs rather than student experience.

Addressing the Vision for Success commitment to “Always design and decide with the student in mind,” student journey maps begin with student personas that delineate a student’s higher education pathway, with a specific focus on unaddressed challenges. Digital touchpoints are examined throughout the student journey, focusing on whether technology interactions elicited positive or negative experiences. The maps help identify strategies and tactics for better addressing student needs.

We have worked to not only tell the stories of the current student experience but have also created a series of Experience Vision Stories. These stories depict systemwide changes that could improve the student journey through college, including both technology solutions and increased in-person interactions. Experience Vision Stories can help shape future projects and initiatives and help us to create goals for continual improvement.


California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office

Paul Feist
Vice Chancellor for Communications and Marketing

Foundation for California Community Colleges

Bryan Miller
Vice President, Communications and Technology

Ramiro Barnes

Ramiro's photo

I planned to get my degree when I left the military, but I don’t know where to start.

Ramiro's Journey

Yvette Strickland

yvette's photo

I was an honor student in high school but I don’t know how to set myself up for similar success in college.

Yvette's Journey

Tara Shaw

alonso's photo

I’m excited to be a college student, but there are so many steps to figure out.

Tara's Journey

Darrin Chambers

darrin's photo

College is really hard for working students and I wish there were more services available in the evenings.

Darrin's Journey

Marcos Taylor

marcos' photo

I'm worried that without more training in my industry I won't be able to keep my job.

Marcos' Journey

Alonso Ma

alonso's photo

I have experience running businesses in other countries, but I don’t know how to get started here in the U.S.

Alonso's Journey

Sarah Vargas

sarah's photo

Navigating the college system is really hard for Spanish-speaking students.

Sarah's Journey