Three Tips to Advance Your Internal Communications Through the Vision Resource Center

Three Tips to Advance Your Internal Communications Through the Vision Resource Center

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The Vision Resource Center, built on Cornerstone, is known for its training and content – more than 10,000 learning modules. Still, this professional development hub also boasts tools that can help integrated colleges and districts better communicate with their employees. Here are three tips to boost your internal communication efforts:

  1. Start a Community. Integrated colleges and districts can create local communities to easily distribute information, announcements or new policies to their employees. Employees may respond and comment on these posts, which provides immediate feedback. These local communities can focus on general college news or specific topics, such as campus technology or human resources. 

  2. Schedule the Daily Digest. Having a community is great, but it’s important that employees know when new content is available. Integrated colleges can employ the daily digest feature, which is an automated email notification that lists new posts and comments from communities to which an employee belongs. The college decides how and when the notifications are sent. The daily digest is set up by your college’s Vision Resource Center administrator. 

  3. Email through the Vision Resource Center. For important news, integrated colleges can send emails to their employees through the Vision Resource Center’s email tool. This is an alternative to using multiple listservs and ensures you are reaching all current employees. Since these are sent through the Vision Resource Center, you can easily link to communities, learning content and events within the platform.

If you are at an integrated college and are interested in these strategies or learning how your college is using these tools, please contact your college’s Vision Resource Center administrator, who manages your college portal. Log in to the Vision Resource Center to explore its features, particularly those developed by and for your college.