Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management: A Free Service of the California Community Colleges Information Security Center

December 18, 2018

How secure are your college’s IT systems? Even a seemingly minor act like delaying a software update can put your network at risk of a data breach. Recovering from a breach can cost millions of dollars, yet over 90 percent of these incidents are avoidable.

Vulnerability management - a continuous process of identifying and addressing weak spots in your network’s security defenses - is crucial to prevent a breach. By identifying weak spots in your network and taking appropriate, timely action, you can significantly reduce data breach threats. The California Community Colleges Information Security Center can help you do so.

As a free service to all of our colleges, the CCC Information Security Center offers a cloud-based vulnerability management tool that allows colleges to gain actionable insights into network security risks. The tool will scan important servers, computers, and devices, and alert you to possible weaknesses. It can tell you if devices need to be patched and prioritize the patches needed based on threat level.

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