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Vision Resource Center provides colleges with tools, communities

December 18, 2018

Vision Resource Center laptop

The Vision for Success has set important goals for the California Community Colleges, and corresponding reforms have been introduced to help align all efforts towards those goals. Reforms such as Guided Pathways, the Student Centered Funding Formula, and Basic Skills are all geared toward supporting student success. The Chancellor’s Office is pleased to introduce a new online professional development platform to further support all California Community Colleges in implementing and integrating these reforms: the Vision Resource Center.

The Vision Resource Center is an online hub for faculty (full time and adjunct), staff, administrators, and trustees in the California Community Colleges. It provides training, resources, and tools related to system-specific work, professional development content, and community discussions moderated by subject matter experts. The Vision Resource Center is a vital tool for the Chancellor’s Office in building deeper connections with colleges and providing the support and guidance needed to work toward the Vision for Success goals.

Vision Resource Center Connect module screenshot

Vision Resource Center Connect menu

The main features include Connect and Learning. The Connect menu includes online communities to connect college personnel across campus, connect colleges across regions, and connect everyone with the Chancellor’s Office. Each community is set up around a key topic and has a designated moderator to help facilitate conversation and add related content. The Guided Pathways community already contains helpful discussions and resources that every college team will be interested in reviewing.

There are also several training courses in the Learn menu. Users can access content from and Skillsoft, as well as new learning modules about system-specific topics such as the Vision for Success and Guided Pathways. These modules will help ensure common understanding throughout the system about key topics and reforms. Common understanding across the board is key to ensuring all efforts are working toward the same goals. More system-specific content is under development, and the library will continue to expand with more modules to support college work.

Vision Resource Center Learning module screenshot

Vision Resource Center Learn menu

All system personnel and trustees can create an account and sign in today to start exploring and using these new resources. There is also an option for colleges and districts to fully integrate into the system. When a college fully integrates, all of their faculty, staff, and administrators will be signed up for a Vision Resource Center account. Integrated colleges can create their own custom “welcome” pages so their users see local content upon signing in, and they have the added bonus of being able to create their own local communities. These additional features contribute to a solid structure of local and statewide connection and support unlike anything the system has had before.

Visit to create your account, start browsing the learning opportunities, and connect with colleagues today! If your college is interested in full integration, please email the Vision Resource Center support team: