College Spotlight: Palomar College

Palomar College faculty and staff use Vision Resource Center to earn credit for professional development

December 18, 2018

Palomar College building photo

Photo: Costea Photography

Palomar College has used the Vision Resource Center to increase faculty and staff interest and involvement in professional development. In Fall 2017, the college implemented a new professional development program called Cornerstone On Demand which provided the Vision Resource Center, then known as the Professional Learning Network (PLN), to staff. The potential of this system was quickly recognized by several California community colleges and led to a heightened interest led to expanding the PLN into the Vision Resource Center by the Chancellor’s Office. 

Palomar College has since taken steps to integrate Cornerstone with the Vision Resource Center, and since the August 2017 launch, more than 1,600 employees have completed a cumulative 35,600 hours of learning. Integration has allowed Palomar faculty and staff to access both statewide and locally curated content simultaneously. 

“At Palomar, we see many benefits to using the Vision Resource Center. First, there is a major cost benefit to the colleges in which they can provide high-caliber professional development training to employees for free.” said Kelly Falcone, faculty professional development coordinator at Palomar College. “Additionally, the platform has the potential to become the main place to get information and updates from the state, including receiving memos from the Chancellor’s Office or announcements of RFPs available.” 

Faculty earn credit towards professional development requirements at the college through the system, and tracking is automated. With more than 9,000 online courses to choose from, users have the ability–and freedom–to engage in trainings relevant to their jobs and own personal interests, as well as to connect behind a password-protected area to share information with colleagues across the state. “We’re excited to have the ability to forge stronger connections with our colleagues from across the state on the Vision Resource Center,” Falcone said.  

California Community College faculty and staff can visit to create an account, start browsing the learning opportunities, and connect with colleagues. If your college is interested in full integration, please email the Vision Resource Center support team: