April 2019

April 2019

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Comprehensive, Systemwide Data Integration in Support of AB 705

Via Multiple Measures Placement Service, more comprehensive data for students’ AB 705-compliant English and math course placement recommendations are  available for use. A collection of students’ verified high school transcript data now comes from multiple sources, including the California College Guidance Initiative, Cal-PASS Plus, California Department of Education, and self-reported transcript information via CCCApply.

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College Spotlight:
Peralta District Launches MyPath at Four Campuses

Peralta Community College District is the first multi-college district to go live with CCC MyPath across all its campuses, providing a more consistent and informative student onboarding process. Each college designed an individual MyPath homepage specific to its campus needs, and students helped ensure the page designs are student-friendly. All campuses received individual attention from the Technology Center’s Enabling Services team, which simplified the process.

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CCCApply NonCredit Application Being Streamlined to Improve the Student Experience

In June 2018, a CCCApply work group was launched, which is overseen by the Chancellor’s Office and supported by the CCCApply Advisory Committee, ideas42, and the Foundation for California Community Colleges. The CCCApply work group is adhering to a quarterly release schedule with user acceptance testing and the incorporation of continuous feedback from statewide stakeholders and advisory committees.The new CCCApply noncredit application is now in an extended college pilot with 8 districts.

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CVC-OEI Partners with Namecoach to Promote Equity, Inclusion, and Sense of Belonging for Student Success

The California Virtual Campus - Online Education Initiative (CVC-OEI) is partnering with NameCoach for software designed to enable respectful and inclusive campus interactions and prevent mispronunciation of students’ names. The NameCoach software embeds audio pronunciations and phonetic spellings of names, as well as other information important to students’ sense of self, into online systems that students, faculty, and staff can use. 

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Vision Resource Center Continually Expanding Training and Growing User Base

The Vision Resource Center has added new learning modules and expanded to more than 22,000 users. Its latest module release, Corequisite Support in California’s Community Colleges, focuses on improving developmental education to align with AB 705 and provides an overview of the law and the data that led to placement rules changes. The Vision Resource Center offers full integrations for colleges to support the goals and commitments in the Vision for Success.

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Enabling Services Makes Deploying Systemwide Technology Solutions Easy

The CCC Tech Center’s Enabling Services Team streamlines communication and guides colleges through systemwide technology solutions adoption by providing deployment, project management, and implementation services at no cost. Over the past 18 months, the CCC Technology Center’s Enabling Services team has been working with community colleges statewide on hundreds of successful implementation projects to strengthen and improve the system. 

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Security Assessments Help Colleges Comply with Federal Regulations

Conducting periodic security assessments is not only sound business practice, it is required in order to comply with federal higher education information security standards. To help our colleges with compliance, the CCC Information Security Center offers free, confidential security assessments performed by Information Security Center staff at the college’s location.

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Accessibility Center Help Desk Open to All CCCs

The CCC Accessibility Center Help Desk offers all faculty, staff, and administrators the opportunity to ask questions and review answers online regarding web and IT accessibility. It also offers accessibility evaluations for up to five web pages or website templates.

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Nearly 800 Faculty Attended Second Annual Digital Learning Day

Nearly 800 faculty attended CVC-OEI/@ONE’s second annual CCC Digital Learning Day, a 49 percent attendance increase from 2018. The free, online conference showcased teaching and learning innovations in California and beyond that foster digital literacy across the curriculum.

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