February 2022

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Providing Sustainable Technology Solutions that Meet the Equity Requirements of Our Students

There are still specific student populations (particularly low-income students and students who reside in rural areas) without critical technology and financial resources. The digital divide goes beyond reliable high-speed internet access. Equitable access to devices, software, and the skills needed to succeed at school and work is also essential.

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Technology Equity Requires Intentional Enterprise Architecture

With funding from the legislature, the Chancellor’s Office supports systemwide technology investments to maximize equitable student outcomes in partnership with grantees (e.g., the California Community Colleges Technology Center, (Tech Center), the California Virtual Campus, and Tech Connect), colleges, and districts.

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CCC TechConnect’s Interactive Video Service PlayPosit is a Big Hit with Instructors and Students Alike

CCC TechConnect’s offering of Playposit, an easy-to-use instructional design platform that allows instructors to overlay quizzes, discussion points and annotations over video content is helping to deepen the level of teaching and learning in the classroom.

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CCC Accessibility Center a Go-To Resource for Colleges

Even as colleges begin returning to in-person instruction, the California Community Colleges Accessibility Center, funded by the CCC Chancellor’s Office, remains the go-to destination for colleges interested in accessibility, tools, services and professional development.

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CVC’s Equitable Online Teaching Series Supports Equitable Online Learning for All Students

The California Virtual Campus’ free Equitable Online Teaching series explores how to foster student agency through an asset-based teaching lens and hone a critical mindset about why and how you grade your students. 

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System Use of the CCCID

The CCCID, is a unique systemwide student identifier established for California Community College students in 2012. While the CCCID provides students with a secure, single sign-on to various cloud-based applications, it is also an effective tool for colleges, districts, and the Chancellor’s Office to track students’ non-linear journeys which often span multiple colleges.

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CCC Information Security Center to Align with Cal-Secure

The California Community Colleges Information Security Center, funded by the statewide Chancellor's Office, will align its services to the technology goals of Cal-Secure, an Executive Branch blueprint for all state entities to strengthen cybersecurity defenses and overall preparedness.

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Spear Phishing Attacks

Spear phishing is an ultra-targeted phishing method whereby hackers — or spear phishers — pose  as a known or trusted sender to appear more legitimate than a typical phishing email.

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Three Tips to Advance Your Internal Communications Through the Vision Resource Center

The Vision Resource Center is known for its training and content – more than 10,000 learning modules. Still, this professional development hub also boasts tools that can help integrated colleges and districts better communicate with their employees. This article includes three tips to boost your internal communication efforts with the Vision Resource Center.

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Library Services Program Reimbursement

Per memo DII 21-200-05 dated November 19, 2021, the Chancellor’s Office via the CCC Technology Center will provide reimbursement for ExLibris subscription costs incurred by your institutions in this 21/22 fiscal year. 

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