May 2021

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Leveraging Technology Tools to Improve Student Equity

With equity in mind, the California Community Colleges system, in partnership with CCC TechConnect, is finding new ways to leverage technology to make learning more accessible to all students, while giving faculty the tools they need to teach in interactive and compelling ways.

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Quick, Easy Student Accounts in CCC Technology Center Release

Streamlined and enhanced student account creation is the focus of the Spring 2021 release of the California Community Colleges Technology Center’s Student Success Suite. Student account creation through OpenCCC has undergone a major overhaul to remove obstacles to account creation and modernize and enhance student account security.

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Systemwide Technology Access Collaborative Benefits Campuses Through Institutional Pricing

The Systemwide Technology Access Collaborative (STAC) is a systemwide collaboration between the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office, the Foundation for California Community Colleges' CollegeBuys program, and the California Virtual Campus designed to streamline the procurement of digital access tools. 

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Virtual Workshops to Explore Security, Accessibility Practices in the CCC

Coming in June, two back-to-back virtual workshops will delve into important and timely issues around the security and accessibility of information technology, data and learning materials in the California Community Colleges (CCC).

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New Path to Vision Resource Center/Cornerstone Integration Offered

The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office is financially supporting integration for all colleges through June 30, 2021. To ensure that all colleges and districts can seize this opportunity, and recognizing the challenges they have faced over the past year, the Phased Integration path was created to give colleges and districts until June 2022 to integrate the platform and launch it to employees.

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CVC Offering Free, Self-paced Online Mental Health Course for Clinicians

In response to a growing mental health issue among California Community College students, the California Virtual Campus (CVC) is offering a free, self-paced Online Mental Health Course for Clinicians course. The course is intended for mental health clinicians and provides a close look at the growing trend of distance mental health services and their importance for community college students. 

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April 2021

Student at home on laptop

Adopting Accessibility Board Policies

A virtual workshop hosted by the California Community Colleges Accessibility Center outlined one college’s process to adopt accessibility board policies and administrative procedures, and the resources that are available to colleges undertaking a similar effort.

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COVID-19 Sparks Massive Surge of Zoom Users in the California Community College System

To meet the dramatic increase in demand for help, TechConnect’s Support Services implemented a training program for users consisting of recorded trainings available in its online knowledge base, which the staff keeps current with the latest information, frequently asked questions, best practices and videos for users to access at their convenience.

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CCC TechConnect Provides Technology Solutions to the CCC System

Funded by a grant from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, CCC TechConnect’s mission is to offer technology solutions and support to enhance the online learning experience and boost student success — which as previously mentioned in this issue — has helped facilitate 8 million meetings throughout the system, including courses, meetings, and conferences.

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Faculty Leverage Course Design to Start the Accessibility Conversation

In a January virtual workshop hosted by the CCC Accessibility Center, college representatives discussed how course development has been the starting point for creating a culture of accessibility on their campuses.

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Social Engineering Attacks and How to Avoid It

A social engineering attack is when an individual attempts to take advantage of an unsuspecting person in order to obtain confidential information or the means to access that information. In a January virtual workshop, Omer Usmani covered the most common social engineering methods and what to do if you suspect you have been targeted.

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An Inside Look at CCC Data

As a systemwide service supporting local efforts, CCC Data provides researchers at colleges, districts, and the CCCCO with access to these data sources, where critical data may be used to support institutional decision-making aligned with the Chancellor's Vision for Success.

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