From left to right: Andy Newman, CCC Technology Center Enabling Services Lead, and the Enabling Services college relationship managers: Monica Zalaket, Monica Matousek, and Warren C. Whitmore at the Chief Information Systems Officers Association annual conference in Garden Grove, February, 2019.

The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office provides many technology solutions to the colleges through the CCC Technology Center hosted at Butte College. Familiar product suites include InCommon Federation, SSO Proxy, OpenCCC, CCCApply, CCC MyPath, Career Coach, SuperGlue, eTranscript California, and many others. Information about all of these products and more is available at, or by reviewing the “3 Easy Steps” (PDF) guide to planning your deployment schedule. 

These product solutions are provided at no cost to the colleges, but did you know that the deployment, project management, and implementation services are also provided at no cost?

Over the past 18 months, the CCC Technology Center’s Enabling Services team has been quietly and skillfully working with community colleges statewide on hundreds of successful implementation projects to strengthen and improve the system as a whole. The following data are a partial list of solutions deployed, or currently being deployed, with Enabling Services assistance:

Enabling Services is led by Andy Newman (, who has over 20 years of experience deploying statewide edtech solutions across the country. Newman now focuses on expanding the success of edtech solutions in the CCCs. The Enabling Services team consists of College Relationship Managers (CRMs), Implementation Project Managers, and Implementation Configuration Engineers:

  • College Relationship Managers work with key functional leaders at each college for adoption awareness, planning, and to ensure long-term success.
  • Dedicated Implementation Project Managers work to orchestrate every last detail of the actual deployment work, and to keep both the college staff and the Enabling Services team on track. They coordinate tasks performed by college staff and/or the Enabling Services team’s highly skilled technical team of Implementation Configuration Engineers.
  • Implementation Configuration Engineers do as much of the heavy lifting as decided by the college. This approach comes into play especially well at colleges with limited IT staff, and it removes the resource barrier that often delays or prevents system deployment.

“I repeatedly hear comments from colleges that say that the streamlined communication between the Technology Center and the college has significantly improved by having a CRM in place,” said Monica Matousek, a College Relationship Manager in the CCC Technology Center.

“Providing tools that meet specific needs for no to low cost allows colleges to spend resources where they need it most,” added Warren Whitmore, also a CRM.

To get started deploying any or all of the Chancellor’s Office solutions provided through the CCC Technology Center, it’s 3 Easy Steps. Begin by reviewing the solutions available to your college, and then Contact your College Relationship Manager who will guide you every step of the way.  

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