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February 2019

Illustration of a online education tools and web development in action

Student Centered Design Lab Launched Through Grant From College Futures Foundation

Services will help centralize student centered design best practices to help programs and tools "always design and decide with the student in mind."

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College Spotlight:
Sierra College improves student onboarding experience with CCC MyPath

At Sierra College, data show that CCC MyPath keeps new students moving forward in the onboarding process, accessing information that can help them succeed.

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California Community Colleges Launching a Cloud-Based, Systemwide Library Services Platform for Students & Staff

The modern, mobile-friendly, cloud-based Library Service Platform (LSP) offers students and staff a broader suite of services.

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AIMHub Provides Alternate Formats for Accessible Teaching and Learning

AIMHub is a new online resource to assist campus Disability Services staff in locating and obtaining instructional materials in alternative formats for students with print-based disabilities.

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New Self-Paced Accessibility Micro-Courses Available to California Community Colleges Personnel

A series of free, online micro-courses highlighting accessibility best practices is now available in Canvas via the California Community Colleges Accessibility Center, in collaboration with @ONE.

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Free Data Inventory and Monitoring Solution Available to Colleges to Help Manage Sensitive Data

The CCC Information Security Center is offering a free data inventory and monitoring solution to help the colleges discover, classify, and protect sensitive data stored anywhere and in any format.

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Second Phase of Student Success Metrics Released

The second phase of Student Success Metrics is now live, including equitable access, enrollment, and completion metrics, and further student disaggregation.

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Registration Now Open for June 2019 Online Teaching Conference in Anaheim

Register now for the 19th Annual Online Teaching Conference June 17-19 in Anaheim to secure early bird pricing!

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April 2019

Illustration of a online education tools and web development in action

Comprehensive, Systemwide Data Integration in Support of AB 705

Via Multiple Measures Placement Service, more comprehensive data for students’ AB 705-compliant English and math course placement recommendations are  available for use. A collection of students’ verified high school transcript data now comes from multiple sources, including the California College Guidance Initiative, Cal-PASS Plus, California Department of Education, and self-reported transcript information via CCCApply.

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College Spotlight:
Peralta District Launches MyPath at Four Campuses

Peralta Community College District is the first multi-college district to go live with CCC MyPath across all its campuses, providing a more consistent and informative student onboarding process. Each college designed an individual MyPath homepage specific to its campus needs, and students helped ensure the page designs are student-friendly. All campuses received individual attention from the Technology Center’s Enabling Services team, which simplified the process.

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CCCApply NonCredit Application Being Streamlined to Improve the Student Experience

In June 2018, a CCCApply work group was launched, which is overseen by the Chancellor’s Office and supported by the CCCApply Advisory Committee, ideas42, and the Foundation for California Community Colleges. The CCCApply work group is adhering to a quarterly release schedule with user acceptance testing and the incorporation of continuous feedback from statewide stakeholders and advisory committees.The new CCCApply noncredit application is now in an extended college pilot with 8 districts.

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CVC-OEI Partners with Namecoach to Promote Equity, Inclusion, and Sense of Belonging for Student Success

The California Virtual Campus - Online Education Initiative (CVC-OEI) is partnering with NameCoach for software designed to enable respectful and inclusive campus interactions and prevent mispronunciation of students’ names. The NameCoach software embeds audio pronunciations and phonetic spellings of names, as well as other information important to students’ sense of self, into online systems that students, faculty, and staff can use. 

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Vision Resource Center Continually Expanding Training and Growing User Base

The Vision Resource Center has added new learning modules and expanded to more than 22,000 users. Its latest module release, Corequisite Support in California’s Community Colleges, focuses on improving developmental education to align with AB 705 and provides an overview of the law and the data that led to placement rules changes. The Vision Resource Center offers full integrations for colleges to support the goals and commitments in the Vision for Success.

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Enabling Services Makes Deploying Systemwide Technology Solutions Easy

The CCC Tech Center’s Enabling Services Team streamlines communication and guides colleges through systemwide technology solutions adoption by providing deployment, project management, and implementation services at no cost. Over the past 18 months, the CCC Technology Center’s Enabling Services team has been working with community colleges statewide on hundreds of successful implementation projects to strengthen and improve the system. 

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Security Assessments Help Colleges Comply with Federal Regulations

Conducting periodic security assessments is not only sound business practice, it is required in order to comply with federal higher education information security standards. To help our colleges with compliance, the CCC Information Security Center offers free, confidential security assessments performed by Information Security Center staff at the college’s location.

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Accessibility Center Help Desk Open to All CCCs

The CCC Accessibility Center Help Desk offers all faculty, staff, and administrators the opportunity to ask questions and review answers online regarding web and IT accessibility. It also offers accessibility evaluations for up to five web pages or website templates.

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Nearly 800 Faculty Attended Second Annual Digital Learning Day

Nearly 800 faculty attended CVC-OEI/@ONE’s second annual CCC Digital Learning Day, a 49 percent attendance increase from 2018. The free, online conference showcased teaching and learning innovations in California and beyond that foster digital literacy across the curriculum.

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June 2019

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Partnering with Amazon's Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Team to Determine Students' Shortest Path to Degree Completion

The Amazon Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Team’s analysis of associate degree for transfer (ADT) meta-major data has revealed several patterns among students across the system. Findings from the data intelligence partnership will be used by the colleges to inform the design of majors and meta-majors, to review scheduling patterns and to promote students’ shortest paths to degree completion.

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College Spotlight:
Increased Student Usage of CCC MyPath for Onboarding at Cypress and Fullerton Colleges Shows Promise for Student Success

Seeking to simplify the onboarding experience for prospective learners, both Cypress College and Fullerton College went live with a customized CCC MyPath interface this winter. Student usage of MyPath at both colleges helps clarify the onboarding process, and customizable Advisor Cards have led to students’ increased task completion.

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CVC-OEI and CAL State Online Partnering Again for Summer Course Finder Finish Faster Online

Summer online course finder, Finish Faster Online, offers CCC and CSU students access to more than 10,000 transferable courses. The collaboration between the California Virtual Campus – Online Education Initiative and Cal State Online increases course flexibility, helping students reach their educational goals faster.

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Multiple Measures Placement Service Ready for Adoption

Designed to help California’s community colleges meet AB 705 English and math placement requirements, the Multiple Measures Placement Service (MMPS) is now ready for colleges to begin implementation. A recently recorded webinar series is available, explaining how colleges can begin MMPS adoption before the fall 2019 legislative compliance deadline. 

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CCCApply Noncredit Application Releasing in June

The CCCApply team is preparing for the June 28 production release of the Noncredit Application, which will provide colleges with an easier process for collecting data from prospective noncredit students. 

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CCCApply Spam Filter Reducing Fraudulent Applications

The CCCApply team has been actively enhancing CCCApply’s machine learning spam filter. Consistent college feedback through the CCCApply Admin interface retrains the system nightly to more accurately identify fraudulent applications. 

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70 California Community Colleges Awarded Grants to Improve Online Career Technical Education Pathways

State funding for new California community college online learning initiatives supporting working Californians was granted by the legislature and former governor last year. Through a competitive grants process, 70 colleges have been awarded funding by the California Virtual Campus - Online Education Initiative for Career Technical Education pathway enhancement.

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CCC TechConnect Solutions Available to Students, Faculty and Staff to Enhance Teaching and Learning

CCC TechConnect’s suite of technology platforms and trainings supplement face-to-face and virtual instruction systemwide. Platforms include 3C Media Solutions’ extensive video on demand media warehouse and ConferZoom, the systemwide e-conferencing solution. Additionally, the annual Online Teaching Conference offers faculty and staff valuable resources for online teaching and learning.

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Information Security and Accessibility Workshops Open to All CCC Staff

The Information Security and Accessibility 2019 Summer Workshops will take place July 29-30 at Coast Community College District. Through presentations and hands-on activities, attendees will learn how colleges can meet legal obligations to secure student data and ensure campus web and IT environments are accessible to all campus community members.

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August 2019

Illustration of a online education tools and web development in action

How Assistive Technologies Improve the California Community College Student Experience

In this Q&A, Cerritos College student Ryan Rohrich shares how some of his accessibility experiences have contributed to his student success both inside and outside of the classroom as a visually impaired student.

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College Spotlight:
Calbright College Enrolling First Cohort of Learners in Three Pathways by October 1

California’s first fully online community college, Calbright College, will be enrolling a beta cohort of 300-400 learners in three pathways this fall: general information technology, cybersecurity and medical coding. Each pathway represents a key growth sector of California’s diverse economy.

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Improved ASSIST.org Helps Students Plan Their Transfers

Through an updated, intuitive design featuring an easily searchable database, California Community College students can more efficiently plan their transfers to California State University or University of California campuses with counselors. 

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A Fresh Look at the Vision Resource Center

The Vision Resource Center is an online hub for system professionals providing online learning modules for professional development and communities of practice for information and resource sharing. With a fresh design, professional development calendar, and new content being added regularly, it provides the support needed for colleges to meet the goals and commitments of the Vision for Success through the Guided Pathways framework.

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Nine Community Colleges and One District Awarded $8.5 Million to Improve Learning Outcomes and Close Equity Gaps in STEM

In collaboration with California State University and University of California campuses, several California community colleges were awarded funding from the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research to improve student success in science, technology, engineering and math courses.

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Using Student Success Metrics for Student Equity Planning at Woodland Community College

Dr. Siria Martinez, Dean of Student Success & Institutional Effectiveness at Woodland Community College, discusses how the Student Success Metrics were instrumental to her institution’s 2019-2022 equity planning process.

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CCC TechConnect's 2019 Online Teaching Conference a Tremendous Success

Nearly 1,000 attendees gathered at the Hilton Anaheim for the 2019 Online Teaching Conference to learn about recent developments in online education, information share and network. Select conference sessions are available for viewing on the Online Teaching Conference website.

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October 2019

Two users viewing CCCApply on a cell phone

New Release of CCCApply Will Make Applications Mobile-friendly

Fall CCCApply updates will make the applications mobile-responsive to improve prospective students’ experiences viewing, completing and submitting applications on a smartphone or tablet. National survey data indicate that 20 percent of American adults today are “smartphone only” internet users.

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Systemwide Library Services Platform Project Update

A systemwide, cloud-based Library Services Platform is on track to go live by January 2020 at 110 California community colleges, more efficiently connecting students to high quality resources in library collections.

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Digital Innovation and Infrastructure Division's Technical Assistance Provider Team Providing Centralized Support to Ed Tech Portfolio

The Digital Innovation and Infrastructure Division’s Technical Assistance Provider Team is bringing greater clarity and transparency to stakeholders across the educational technology portfolio through expanded communication and implementation of a standard set of documents. The team is concluding an annual work plan process designed to help system-level technology investments work more efficiently for all college stakeholders.

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Engaging New Content from the California Community Colleges Available in Vision Resource Center

The Vision Resource Center is continually expanding its learning catalog, to include modules created by the California Community Colleges. New modules include Guided Pathways Field Notes, Student Centered Funding Formula and Instruction in Prisons.

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Technology and Telecommunications Advisory Committee Update

TTAC met in August and discussed the Digital Innovation and Infrastructure Technical Assistance Provider Team, AbodeSign and ServiceNow implementation, AB705, California Department of Education MOU, the Chancellor’s Office Curriculum Inventory, forthcoming  accessibility resources, Enterprise Resource Planning platforms, and updating distance education guidelines.

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Registration Now Open for 2020 Online Teaching Conference in Pasadena

Secure early bird pricing for the 2020 Online Teaching Conference in Pasadena by registering online today. 

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Accessibility Essentials Micro-courses Available to Colleges for Local Canvas Install

California community colleges can now create customized professional development resources on accessibility using a series of free Accessibility Essentials micro-courses available on Canvas Commons. 

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